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AMD: PC gaming is stifled by console development

Posted by Terrorized666 on March 20, 2011 at 4:52 PM

"It's funny," he said. "We often have at least ten times as much horsepower as an Xbox 360 or a PS3 in a high-end graphics card, yet it's very clear that the games don't look ten times as good."

It's not just developers who are frustrated by the prioritization of console versions. PC gamers, particularly those who enjoy the traditionally PC-centric first-person shooter genre, have expressed their annoyance on several occasions at the "consolification" of their favorite games. Recent Call of Duty games' lack of dedicated servers and Dragon Age II's accusations of being "dumbed down" for the console market are just two recent examples.

Huddy and many PC-focused developers are in favor of leaving behind technologies such as DirectX in favor of writing code to take direct advantage of PC graphics hardware. This will have the benefit of making individual titles look more distinct from one another and run more speedily, but will be much more challenging work for developers trying to make their titles work on as broad a range of hardware as possible.

This discussion seems to suggest that PC gamers and developers want to break away from consoles into their own distinct entity. While we still see PC-specific titles such as Civilization V that are unlikely to make the jump to consoles, there are increasing numbers of triple-A titles from high-profile publishers releasing on 360, PS3 and PC simultaneously. PC versions of these titles often fail to take advantage of the additional power they have at their disposal -- not to mention cramming in console-style control schemes onto a platform with a mouse and keyboard attached as standard.

It sounds from Huddy's words that both gamers and developers alike would be much happier with a world where PC gaming was its own distinct beast, rather than the boundary-blurring entity it is right now. This would be a return to how things were in the mid-90s, when PC gaming was constantly at the cutting-edge of gaming technology.

Are we looking at a return to those days? Given how profit-driven today's industry is, probably not -- it wouldn't make good business sense for triple-A publishers to exclude either PC or console gamers from the hottest new titles. But traditionally PC-centric developers like CryTek are certainly interested in the possibilities offered by Huddy's suggestions. Viva la revolución?



Favorite Comments:

It takes me 1 minute to insert a game into my PS3 or Xbox 360, wait for it to boot up, and play the game. Now take into consideration researching to see if the game is playable on your PC. Thinking you found the answer but not sure. Buying the game and going through a lengthy install process. Finding out the game isn't working. Troubleshooting online. Finding out your video card isn't supported. Spending $200 on a new one. Troubleshooting how to install it. Finally getting it to work.

OR, buy the game and put it in your console. Even if the person just simply needed to spend 1 hour going through all the steps I listed above to get a PC game working right, that is 100% more time that it would have taken for them to just play the console version. I agree with you in that if people would just try, they would see it isn't very difficult. But they aren't going to try. Ease of use is king. And if AMD isn't willing to go the extra mile to make it just as easy as it would a console, then they aren't going to get anywhere.


    The Reply:

You sir, are mentally ill...

Welcome to 2011, pc's are not what it used to be.

let us put it this way, you have 2 doors and have to choose one, and this choice affects the whole world. Ok here we go.

Behind door 1 :

You choose a bicycle, its reliable and you can count on it to always work, its a bit slow, but it would get you there. You don't have to upgrade it and you got a long warrenty on it so no extra costs, but you have to buy the tires to make it run.

Behind door 2:

you choose a car its FAR more expensive that the bicycle, but you will get speed/power, you can customize it and make it look how you want. BUT but you may have to change the parts to make it run as you want,

Now, if you choose door 1, the developers will make stuff to bicycle's and just port things to cars, like seats etc SO we get bad cars and not so good transportation options... OR Door 2, its how it is now


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7:44 PM on March 20, 2011 
Nice and informative blog terrorized!
Btw i agree the top i would rather play a game on PS3 or Xbox 360 which will take me like 1 min. instead of installing a game on my pc and other stuff i got to do to make the game run...

Good post once again :)
Reply Terrorized666
11:40 AM on March 23, 2011 
DEVIL says...
Btw i agree the top i would rather play a game on PS3 or Xbox 360 which will take me like 1 min. instead of installing a game on my pc and other stuff i got to do to make the game run...

But this is where you and I are different. I love my PC's. I love the fact that I can change anything on my PC to suit my needs. Big whoop that I can change the theme on the PS3. I can use my computer to make themes for the PS3. But can the PS3 or X-box 360 games include the level editor so you can make your own level or mod? No. This is why the PC is my top choice. I'm a sucker for getting extras with my game. Just last week, I bought the Painkiller Combo Pack, it included Overdose, Resurrection, Redemption, and with a limited edition of the Black version, as well as the editor for all the games, all for $25.

Yah, sure the consoles can have DLC, but that costs more money. Even if you bought the game that includes a voucher to get all the content for free, the vouchers WILL expire! When my dad bought Uncharted 2: Game of the Year Edition, it had a voucher, but it expired a month BEFORE we even bought it! And on top of all that, someone already used the code! A brand new game that was NEVER opened. After we complained to Sony and Naughty Dog, they gave us a new code (which I still thank them to this day). Bringing it back to the topic, have it all on a disk and no one can steal it and it won't expire, and no extra money has to be dished out.

The fact that my PC CAN and WILL perform better than a PS3 or an X-box is the reason I use one. I love the feeling that I can say, 'Sweet! Unreal Tournament 3 looks better on here than on the PS3!' and be able to make my own custom character and play online with my character with my friends with their custom characters on a custom level that a buddy made.

Yah, the computer games will take some time to install, BUT there are also PS3 games that do that too! A few good examples are UT3 (it asks if you would like to, but you don't have to), HAWKS, Borderlands, Brutal Legend, Dark Void, etc. So don't give me that crap and say that none of the consol games don't install, because they still do... But what are you supposed to do when it?s installing? It's called 'Get off your lazy ass and go do your chores that you are supposed to have done already.' It's the best time to take out the garbage, do the dishes, laundry, etc.

To sum it all up, it all comes down to how much CONTROL you want to have with your game or hardware, which is something that the PC is dripping with... The power to control ANYTHING!