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GameStop Pulls PC Copies of Deus Ex from Shelves

Posted by Terrorized666 on August 25, 2011 at 8:40 PM

After igniting controversy earlier in the day for removing OnLive coupons packaged with the PC version of Deus Ex, game retailer GameStop has apparently pulled all copies of Deus Ex from shelves.

It seems that OnLive is stepping up its attempts to be seen as a major player in the gaming space -- but wisely, rather than marketing itself as a replacement for PC or console gaming, it appears to be taking the approach that it offers a more easily portable alternative. As such, the service has taken to offering redemption codes for the OnLive version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution with retail (boxed) PC copies of the game.

"Gamers get the best of both worlds -- a physical copy for their home PC and an OnLive cloud gaming copy for instant-play anywhere on an HDTV, PC, Mac, and soon iPad and Android tablets," said Steve Perlman, president and CEO of OnLive.

This is effectively the gaming equivalent of DVD and Blu-Rays offering iTunes digital copies alongside the physical media, and is an interesting counterpoint to Valve giving a free copy of Portal 2 on PC to those who purchased the PS3 version.

Be aware -- some as yet unverified rumors are surfacing that GameStop has been removing the OnLive codes from retail PC copies -- be sure to check your copy before you leave the store if you purchase one from the retail giant.


Per Kotaku, GameStop is pulling all copies of Deus Ex off its of shelves. After stirring controversy earlier today for opening copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution to remove the prepackaged OnLive coupons contained within, game retail giant GameStop has decided to remove the games from their shelves. The move is seemingly done per an agreement with Deus Ex publisher Square Enix and is likely the beginning of a recall.

Pulling a popular title from your shelves can't be good for business if you're GameStop. But if you're the publisher of said game, didn't you just admit defeat?


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