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Naughty Dog takes Uncharted's story 'very seriously'

Posted by DEVIL on May 8, 2011 at 3:11 PM


Naughty Dog has said it takes Uncharted’s narrative component very seriously, describing the art of cobbling together a compelling story as a highly “collaborative process.”



Speaking during a chinwag with EDGE, the developer’s Amy Hennig commented, “I think there are a few factors that allow us to do a good job. One is that Sony gives us the time and the money to do it, and takes it seriously. And Naughty Dog takes stories seriously, too, rather than leaving them as afterthought.”



“So that means we spend a lot of time talking about story, narrative and how we integrate that with the gameplay. And then the other blessing that we can’t forget is that the time we spend with the actors: It’s huge. This is a collaborative process that involves revision and improvement.”



“Going through those drafts, having rehearsal time and table reads with the actors, letting them improvise – and get to know their characters over a long period of time, it all contributes to raising the bar,” she explained.



Elsewhere, Hennig also touched on the forthcoming Uncharted movie adaptation, describing director/writer David O. Russell as a highly ‘creative and talented guy,’ and above all, a chap who cares deeply about the project.



“I know a lot of people have been concerned, asking, ‘Do we have the right director, do we have the right writer, what’s going to happen?’ But we’re waiting too,” said Hennig.



“David’s working on his first draft, and we’ll see it when we see it, but you couldn’t ask for a more talented guy. His job is to do a successful film. What I’ve said in the past is, if the guy who made Three Kings wants to make an Uncharted movie, we should be thankful, right?”



“He’s a very creative and talented guy with a lot of his own ideas, but I’d rather have that than somebody who just wants to slavishly make an adaptation and move on. He really cares about it.”



Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 on November 11, 2011.

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