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Undead Nightmare

Posted by Terrorized666 on November 4, 2010 at 7:52 PM


After Outlaws to the End, Legends & Killers and Liars & Cheats, Rockstar Games unleashed Undead Nightmare upon us, the final piece of downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption. Some (including me) never thought our good ol’ friend John Marston would be fighting for his life while trying to figure out whom and what caused this unexpected zombie insurgence. I was unsure about Rockstar’s desire to use the now played-out zombie card, but after spending some quality time with it I must admit, it may feel oddly different for a serious western game but it’s sure a whole lot of fun.So what’s so great about this piece of downloadable content?

The story

While I won’t reveal any spoilers (both for the expansion and the main game) all you need to know is that West Elizabeth has been invaded by brain-eating zombies. After his wife and son get infected (and putting a few slugs in Uncles head), he grabs his double barreled shotgun, revolver, and a hand full of ammo, Marston goes on a mission across the land to seek answers.


The missions

On top of the main story, Marston will be tasked with defending cities from zombie attacks. Doing so will add a weapons to your collection, and allow the player to come back to the city and use it as a save point just like in the main game. Other side missions include cleansing five cemeteries (similar to Gang Hideouts in the core game), complete quests for the non-zombified townsfolk and find missing people.


Enemies and weapons

Much like Left 4 Dead, facing different sorts of zombies is what makes the experience so worth it. In addition to the regular decomposed slow-walking zombie, three other kinds are introduced: a small leap- grappling flesh eater known as The Bolter, a fat dude called Bruiser and the long-ranged vomiting Retcher. The zombie plague isn’t limited to humans so be on the lookout for the wildlife to pull a fast one you. There’s nothing worse that fighting a zombie bear with a knife.

Yes, travelling through the undead world of Red Dead Redemption won’t be an easy task. Luckily, the new weapons and special ammo introduced in Undead Nightmare - such as exploding baits and the obvious Holy Water - should make things a bit easier. My favorite: the blunderbuss, a powerful shotgun that uses zombie body parts as one-shot kill ammo. Terrific!


More to do in this infested world

One would think that completing the main mission and side missions it’s all Undead Nightmare has to offer…but fear not my good sir or madam, there’s a bit more to this necrotic package. As you can see in the screen below, Marston can ride a Zombie horse. How? Kill your stallion in the head and whistle a new one. Just remember that he won’t be easy to control compared to your living breed. Fortunately, riding a dead horse has its advantages: he will never tire. Infinite stamina sounds like a nice plan, especially if you want to go after mythical creatures. That’s right, I said mythical creatures! The four horses of the Apocalypse (Pestilence, War, Famine and Death) could potentially show up at any time during your quest. Try to catch them with your ultra-fast zombified mount, break them and mount them. Each horse has its own special ability against the Undead so eventually; one of them will become your favorite. While Pestilence is the hardest to get, expect it to be the most powerful of the four. There are other surprises…I would love to share them with you but I will leave it for you to discover. Let me just say that some Mexican creature and a big footed monster could show up at one point…wait...I think I’ve already said too much...



The first, Undead Overrun, is an extremely familiar cooperative mode where players group up to beat waves of zombies and rack up experience points. Horde mode all over again…

The second, Land Grab, has nothing to do with zombies. Found within Free Roam, players fight for control over a section of land in one of seven different towns in the traditional Red Dead Redemption world as you know it. The Multiplayer modes are fun, but in all honesty, its lack of novelty doesn’t make it stand out compared to the single player additions; which in my opinion are way more substantial and worth your attention. However, if you’ve been spending all your evenings shooting people and riding burros with your friends over the past six months, obviously these online components will fit you well.

The third, just like the other DLC packs, you get more characters and titles to choose from. Now you can be a Zombie! (In the first few days this pack came out, just about EVERYONE that bought this pack ALL changed their character to a Zombie! Playing a game of poker is a little scary when everyone else is a brain-eating zombie... "Umm... I think I'm in the wrong room..."



Undead Nightmare offers so much value that it’s hard to overlook it, especially if the main game remains a popular title at home. Even though the multiplayer side isn’t much to speak of compared to what the SP has to offer, this expansion as a whole (just like the previously released DLC packs) defines what players should expect from video game companies in terms of post-launch support. These additions are so great that Rockstar is releasing them in a standalone disc that doesn’t require the main game to play. Whoever questioned their quality now has a good reason to change their mind.

And as far as Undead Nightmare is concerned, the two multiplayer modes, a six-hour single player story, side-missions, outfits, weapons, enemies...all for mere ten dollars . If you’re not getting this, allow me to call you crazy... or I just might throw some zombie bait on you. :D


EDIT: Ok. So I play this a lot! So I know a lot of little tricks that may or may not help you, I might post up a few hints, but I won't do it here... I'll do it on my Wiki on my website.


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12:36 PM on November 5, 2010 
I like the Pictures :)

Good Blog Terrorized!
Reply Terrorized666
9:54 AM on November 6, 2010 
Ok. So I play this a lot! So I know a lot of little tricks that may or may not help you, I might post up a few hints, but I won't do it here... I'll do it on my Wiki on my website.