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The End of Halo: Reach According to Bungie

Posted by DEVIL on September 22, 2010 at 3:51 PM


Since the game has been out merely a week, I won't spoil Halo: Reach's ending for those of you that have yet to, umm, reach its conclusion but a few interesting details about it have risen over at about it. Including the important detail that it may have even ended up as something completely different.


"I think the inside scoop about the ending is that it was one of the parts of the game that we wrestled with for months, and there were many different iterations with the ending," Joe Tung, the title's executive producter told 1up.



"There was a point where the ending didn't happen at all like it happened now. It was so important to us that the game ended well. Not just from a game perspective, but from the perspective of Bungie saying goodbye to the entire universe."


The conclusion to Halo: Reach is not entirely novel as earlier in the year we saw a similar ending to a certain high-profile open world game but it is uncommon enough that it still elicited a powerful emotional response from my game time with it.


What were your guys' (spoiler-free, please) thoughts on how Bungie's last Halo game ended? Bungie's creative director Marcus Lehto even joked in the interview that it may have ended up on the studio's cutting room floor...would Halo: Reach's lasting impact been affected if that had been true?

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Reply Gamer1900
6:57 PM on September 22, 2010 
I enjoyed how it all ties in with the rest of the story. Good work bungie
Reply Terrorized666
8:41 PM on September 22, 2010 
I hope that it will be the end of Halo... Its really getting annoying when ALL you ever hear is, "OMG!! HALO!!! I F*CKING LOVE HALO!!!! ALL YOU PS3 OWNERS CAN GO F*CK YOURSELVES BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE HALO!!!" That's not true! I can get ALL the halo games for the PC. And I might just do that when I can get the whole collection for $40. Hehehe.