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PlayStation Move - Preliminary Sales Figures In

Posted by DEVIL on September 21, 2010 at 7:07 PM


Sony launched the PlayStation Move last week and as ever, VGChartz is here first to bring you the preliminary sales figures.


To start with, it is important to define what we mean by a unit of Move hardware - essentially a Move Controller plus PlayStation Eye Camera. Since there are so many different SKUs and configurations (Starter Bundle, controller and camera seperately, purchasing a second controller, existing camera users) we have to make some assumptions when estimating the amount of complete Move hardware in houses.


Starting with the Americas - the Sports Champions bundle sold around 50,000 units last week, each one counting as a new piece of Move hardware. Of this, around 10,000 units were bundled with PS3 hardware. Now the tricky bit, as well as the Sports Champion bundle, around 35,000 Move Controllers were also sold. Of these, we estimate that around 25% are for consumers who already own a PlayStation Eye Camera and the remainder are as a second controller. Therefore in total, around 60,000 units of Move hardware were sold in the Americas last week.


Moving on to Europe and there is no Sports Champions bundle as in the Americas, but there is a Starter Pack which includes the Camera and Move Controller. Around 70,000 Starter Packs were sold last week in Europe along with a further 30,000 Move Controllers. Assuming a similar 25% of Move Controller purchases are for users with an existing camera, around 80,000 units of Move hardware were sold last week in Europe taking the worldwide total to around 140,000 units as of September 18th with around 100,000 copies of Sports Champions also in homes across the world.


So a solid start for Sony, who has spent very little to date marketing PlayStation Move and I share Sony's view that Move will be much more of a slow-burn when compared to Microsoft's Kinect which is undoubtedly a more innovative piece of hardware at first glance getting far more press coverage and supported by a significantly larger marketing budget. As more Move-exclusive titles arrive, especially from Sony, we expect the hardware to really pick up pace into 2011 / 2012. As is always the case, the success of a new piece of hardware is heavily dependant on the software so the next 12 months will be crucial for both Move and Kinect.


Keep checking back on VGChartz in the coming weeks and months as we bring more news on the performance of PlayStation Move and Kinect.

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