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PSN gets Hacked again?!

Posted by Terrorized666 on May 19, 2011 at 10:48 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm not 100% sure, but people have been saying that the same hackers that hacked PSN the first time have done it again. Apparently, they found a hole in the new update, where you are asked to enter in a new password. There haven’t been any official reports yet...



I will be looking into this more, to confirm if it is true.

Playstation Network is Back!... err, almost.

Posted by Terrorized666 on May 15, 2011 at 10:58 AM Comments comments (3)

Sony's worldwide PSN restoration begins with a U.S. rollout on Saturday, Canada on Sunday, and other countries to follow.

What was nearly a full month of downtime mixed with anguish, anger, and just a pinch of hysteria is finally coming to the end... or the first phase of an end, anyway. As first announced on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony Computer Entertainment is rolling out the restart of PlayStation Network across the country, which began in the early evening Pacific Time.

The announcement comes alongside a video from SCE president Kaz Hirai, who again offers his apologies to everyone affected by the downtime/hacker attack, and details the make-good plans the company is launching for members. On top of that, PS3 owners must download and install a new firmware update for the system, which will prompt PSN users to change their passwords before fully logging back in, and can only be changed on the same system the PSN account was activated, or via email confirmation. The PlayStation Store service is not yet up, with the assumption that Sony still plans to get that up and running after getting the rest of the network up.

As of this writing, the rollout just recently reached Canada after starting in the northeast United States. The map viewable in the PS Blog post is only for the U.S., though the European blog has the same announcement.

Well, then... anyone up for some Portal 2 co-op? or even Borderlands co-op?


DICE Details Karkand MP Map for Battlefield 3

Posted by DEVIL on May 10, 2011 at 7:37 PM Comments comments (1)


For anybody who’s played Battlefield 2, you know Strike at Karkand is one of the most famous maps the game has ever seen.



DICE knows this and when Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus was tasked in designing Battlefield 3’s first expansion pack, he immediately thought of Strike at Karkand, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, and Sharqi Peninsula. These four maps have been played for an incredible 25,000 years! Now that’s a lot of bullets!



The official Battlefield site has a short interview with Fegraeus regarding Karkand’s transition to Battlefield 3 and DICE’s new tech that’s powering it – Frostbite 2. Fegraeus Points out that the biggest difference is, of course, destruction; which was not implemented in Battlefield 2 at the time. He pointed out how a certain building was used very effectively back in the day but with destruction, someone could blow that particular building up, thus exposing the defenders hiding in it and completely changing the pace of the game.



The interview also had David Spinnier, current Co-op Lead Designer for Battlefield 3. He is the man who created the original Strike at Karkand map for Battlefield 2.



What was his idea in designing the map?


I wanted almost to tell a story. In my mind when I started the design, I could see these tanks rolling downhill in a sandy desert into a city where defenders were scurrying around, setting up a defensive perimeter and then being pushed back further downtown. I also wanted to create an asymetric battlefield with a defensive focus. Infantry defenders meeting heavy armor. I just started painting the layout of the map in Photoshop and went from there.



He also gives everyone a look at the original design document from Battlefield 2’s Strike at Karkand map.



You can also get the expansion pack at no extra charge by pre-ordering the game, scheduled to be release this coming Fall for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Activision hopes PSN is restored in time for Black Ops DLC

Posted by DEVIL on May 10, 2011 at 7:33 PM Comments comments (0)


Activision has said that it is “hopeful” Sony can restore PlayStation Network in time for the PlayStation 3 release of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Escalation DLC later this quarter.



Speaking during the publisher's quarterly earnings call last night (via Seeking Alpha), the company admitted that PSN’s continued outage would likely result in the loss of high-margin revenue for the industry giant.



"With regard to the PlayStation Network issues Sony is facing, we are hopeful that they will be up and running as soon as possible,” commented Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg.



"We're planning on launching the Call of Duty Escalation content pack for the PS3 later in the quarter and I'm hopeful that this situation will be resolved by then."



"For the June quarter... revenues will be down versus the prior year, due primarily to a smaller product lineup and the expected loss of high-margin revenue due to the temporary the PlayStation Network shutdown,” observed Thomas Tippl, Activision’s CFO.


Sony has commented that it aims to have PSN fully restored by May 31, with online gaming rumored to be back up and running within the next few days.


Stay tuned.

PlayStation Network online in a "few more days," says Sony

Posted by DEVIL on May 10, 2011 at 7:28 PM Comments comments (2)


Following a statement made by SCEA’s director of corporate communications and social media, Patrick Seybold, earlier today, we had feared that the PlayStation Network could be offline for at least another few weeks, but it seems it might be up and running sooner than expected.



Seybold has now posted on the official PlayStation Blog with a short statement that tells us the PSN is likely to be back online in only a few more days. “I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored,” posts Seybold. “At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.”



Sony has assured PSN users that the service will be fully secure before it risks bringing it back online. “Let me assure you that the resources of this company have been focused on investigating the entire nature and impact of the cyber-attack we’ve all experienced and on fixing it,” said Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer recently. “We are absolutely dedicated to restoring full and safe service as soon as possible and rewarding you for your patience. We will settle for nothing less.”


The PlayStation Network has now been offline for over three weeks.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Out November 8 - Rumor

Posted by DEVIL on May 9, 2011 at 7:41 PM Comments comments (2)


Multiple sources have claimed that the third Modern Warfare game will launch November 8 2011. We’re still being careful and calling this one a rumor.



This would place the release date alongside other early November Call of Duty Tuesday releases, lending credibility to the rumor. Call of Duty: Black Ops was released on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released on Tuesday, November 10, 2009. World at War (November 11, 2008) and Modern Warfare (November 5, 2007) were both released on Tuesdays as well.



An internal database at Tesco labels the new Call of Duty game as Call of Duty: Project Collossus. (sic)



This would be the first Modern Warfare game created since Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vincent Zampella were marched off the premises.

OPM UK says God of War 4 will feature multiplayer

Posted by DEVIL on May 9, 2011 at 7:32 PM Comments comments (1)


Fresh gossip pertaining to the fourth numbered entry in the God of War franchise has surfaced via the pages of the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine.



The publication claims that God of War 4 is currently in development and will apparently feature some form of multiplayer component to boot: "Kratos is on his way back, with his next adventure set to feature multiplayer,” the mag writes (via CVG).



The rumors follow hot on the heels of previous God of War 4 murmurs from PSM3, in addition to last week’s rumblings stating that developer SCE Santa Monica Studio is beavering away on two new PlayStation 3-exclusives.



Santa Monica Studios has previously said that although 2010’s God of War 3 pulled the curtains down on a trilogy, the company assured it’s “not the end” for the celebrated actioner.



Stay tuned.

Naughty Dog takes Uncharted's story 'very seriously'

Posted by DEVIL on May 8, 2011 at 3:11 PM Comments comments (0)


Naughty Dog has said it takes Uncharted’s narrative component very seriously, describing the art of cobbling together a compelling story as a highly “collaborative process.”



Speaking during a chinwag with EDGE, the developer’s Amy Hennig commented, “I think there are a few factors that allow us to do a good job. One is that Sony gives us the time and the money to do it, and takes it seriously. And Naughty Dog takes stories seriously, too, rather than leaving them as afterthought.”



“So that means we spend a lot of time talking about story, narrative and how we integrate that with the gameplay. And then the other blessing that we can’t forget is that the time we spend with the actors: It’s huge. This is a collaborative process that involves revision and improvement.”



“Going through those drafts, having rehearsal time and table reads with the actors, letting them improvise – and get to know their characters over a long period of time, it all contributes to raising the bar,” she explained.



Elsewhere, Hennig also touched on the forthcoming Uncharted movie adaptation, describing director/writer David O. Russell as a highly ‘creative and talented guy,’ and above all, a chap who cares deeply about the project.



“I know a lot of people have been concerned, asking, ‘Do we have the right director, do we have the right writer, what’s going to happen?’ But we’re waiting too,” said Hennig.



“David’s working on his first draft, and we’ll see it when we see it, but you couldn’t ask for a more talented guy. His job is to do a successful film. What I’ve said in the past is, if the guy who made Three Kings wants to make an Uncharted movie, we should be thankful, right?”



“He’s a very creative and talented guy with a lot of his own ideas, but I’d rather have that than somebody who just wants to slavishly make an adaptation and move on. He really cares about it.”



Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 on November 11, 2011.

Battlefield 3 "superior" to Call of Duty, says EA boss

Posted by DEVIL on May 8, 2011 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (1)


Battlefield 3 is a “flat out superior game” to competing shooter Call of Duty, says Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello.



Speaking with investors earlier today, the executive spoke of the publishing behemoth’s intention of taking a substantial bite out of Activision’s dominance in the FPS landscape, and firmly believes Battlefield 3 is more than up to the task.



"We know we have a big competitor," he commented. "But head-to-head with Call of Duty in Q3, we have the superior game engine, a superior development studio, and a flat out superior game. Our goal is to significantly gain share in the huge FPS category and to put the other team on defense."



Furthermore, Riccitiello observed that pre-orders for Battlefield 3 have effortlessly eclipsed those of its predecessor, noting pre-sales for the game are up a whopping 700 percent “versus the same period before the launch of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.”



“A lot of people are telling us they want to play this game on day one,” he added.



Riccitiello said earlier this year that EA and Activision would be splashing out roughly $200 million in combined marketing efforts for Battlefield 3 and the new Call of Duty, the latter of which has yet to see a formal reveal.



Stay tuned.

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